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".....The subtle key to free will entrapment is through the agreement of initiation or ritual, or to invoke external forces.

All one has to do in order to establish contracts of entrapment with the invisible world is merely wish, desire, demand, or insist and immediately soul personalities or entities that are always close at hand, rush in and complete the agreement of contract".  Steve Richards, HK Founder

Inter-Dimensional Interference by Spirits, Entities & Range of Other Alien Life Forms

What is entrapment by life forms?

Entrapment is the true nature of what the mainstream terms, possession. It defines when the life force of animals, aliens, entities, extraterrestrials, human spirits, or internally created life forms take control of the running of our body.

How is this possible?

The short answer is, By Agreement!

But, let's consider that many people are sceptical about human possession cases and would rather believe the mainstream narrative that a person is not possessed, but suffering with mental health issues, which are given a label such a schizophrenia, mania or tourettes.

What many do not consider is that there are other parallel realities (Universes) and life forms within those realities, operating outside of our sensory capabilities.   In other words, there are entire universes outside of what we can perceive physically, which operate in conjunction with our “reality”.

All animals, including us, are “bioelectromagnetic” beings. Science proved this over 150 years ago, when In the late eighteenth century, the physicist Luigi Galvani first recorded the phenomenon while dissecting a frog at a table where he had been conducting experiments with  static electricity. Galvani coined the term “animal electricity” to describe the phenomenon.

Migratory birds navigate in part by orienteering with respect to the Earth's magnetic field. Indeed, many animals have proven to display such characteristics and moreover, many humans have also demonstrated such capabilities.

But outside of physical world is the electromagnetic world.

Electromagnetic waves are simply a vibration. All energy is a vibration. It is movement, or Kinetic Energy. sound waves need molecules to travel. But electromagnetic waves can travel through air, solid objects and even space. This is how astronauts on spacewalks use radios to communicate. Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic wave.

Electricity can be static, like what holds a balloon to the wall or makes your hair stand on end. Magnetism can also be static like a refrigerator magnet. But when they change or move together, they make waves - electromagnetic waves.

Waves (Vibrations) in the electromagnetic spectrum vary in size from very long radio waves the size of buildings, to very short gamma-rays smaller than the size of the nucleus of an atom.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy”. William Shakespeare.

Outside of our sensory capabilities lies the rest of the universe. Much of our communications dwell in these areas. Radio, TV, Wi-Fi, data, digital frequencies etc. We can't see it, but can manipulate them to our advantage. Ironically, this is just what other (vibrational) life forms can do to us!

What is meant by human “sensory capabilities”?

Here is an example of just how little the human vision receptors can pick up from the available band widths. The rainbow colours are where we operate our field of vision:

What lies outside our field of vision?

This tiny visible light spectrum accounts for less than 1% of the entire universe.!

Outside of this, is everything else, from high frequency radiation, such as X-Rays, gamma rays and micro waves to low vibrational radio and infra-sound & brain waves and of course other forms of vibrational beings & entities!

How does this relate to possession by life forms?

Because all life is simply a vibration. Just because you cannot see it in the conscious, physical realm, does not mean it doesn't exists!  Here is a chart of the human brain waves operated throughout the various states of being:

How does one become “possessed”by entities?

As I said before, this basically happens by agreement.

For most people, this can be an unsuspecting occurrence, either during a conscious or subconscious interaction with someone or something or an emotional event of some kind.  It is what we refer to as a "Reciprocal Exchange of Energy"

Some examples include;

  • During acute anger,
  • Giving or receiving violence or rage
  • Extreme fear
  • Acute Depression,
  • Sexual activity (esp. under the influence of alcohol or drugs & with strangers)
  • Drug or alcohol use
  • Invocation or invitation (during rituals),

They are often transferred or downloaded during sexual activity (particularly if intoxicated by drink or drugs) & if one or more participants are harbouring entities. During orgasm the mind is “open”, vulnerable to suggestion and often in a state of powerful agreement. “YES”, being the operative word!  This can be enough to download life forms from one person to another. We can also download emotions, thoughts & DNA during sexual activity.

As every living thing is a vibration and like attracts like, when we enter into a state of vibration of which matches the vibrational character of these entities, they can literally “jump” you. You attract them to you like the most powerful magnet you can think of.

These entities then easily attach to your lower vibrational field (base chakra points) and can begin to manipulate your thoughts and emotions.

Life Forms!

Who are these entities and what do they look like?

Some people believe these entities can assume physical form in our dimension,or shape shift from human into their “true” form. This maybe where we get the idea of werewolves and reptilian shape-shifting politicians & leaders from.

Whether or not this is true, millions of people are affected by the infiltration of entities in their lives.

As we find in much of our science fiction, it may be closer to science fact than you think! Much of our popular culture is based in what we truly experience in the unseen world. One might question where we get our ideas of monster in fantasy from. Perhaps some monsters are not so fantastical, more like conjurings from our imagination, a realm containing all the possibilities of the universe!   There are many life forms that wish to experience our physical dimension and as they don't have their own body, they will take any opportunity to gain access to yours!   Here are some of the common life forms we can clear during Holographic Kinetics sessions:

Alpha Draconians!

Reptilian life forms originating from the Alpha Draconis system in the Orion constellation. They were the inhabitants of Earth Millions of years ago along with the dinosaurs:

These entities are highly intelligent & opportunistic, and are the propagators of “Draconian Law” on Earth. They are the key players in every facet of the complex control system governing our planet, including the world's debt-based enslavement of humanity.

Dracos can manipulate the thoughts and emotions, particularly toward sexual deviance, aggression and violence. They love a state of drunkenness as it allows them to “jump” from host to host.  

Winged Serpent

The origin of “seed” of the serpent energy (The Winged Serpent of Olde) , as described in the bible in which Adam & Eve  were deceived and manipulated in the Eden. People suffering with these entities are often manipulated into sexual promiscuity, alcoholism & life threatening situations.

Often majestic, highly intelligent & powerfully manipulative, these life forms are reptilian and are often invoked through rituals in the hierarchy of society, as well as jumping in during drug & alcohol indulgences.  The Vatican & deep state Govt have worshipped and invoked these life forms for their ability to manipulate the host to inflict terror upon the enemy. These entities “strike from above”.  Air force war is winged serpent energy at it's most potent.  Death & destruction is currently apparent for millions around the world through their invoked energy in the military industrial complex..


Often represented in stone around the world at Catholic churches & cathedrals, these are juvenile winged serpents, guarding the entrances to the places of Catholic (reptilian) worship.

The are often transferred during devious behaviour, especially in children and through paedophile activity. Their energy is focused on encouraging deviousness. They sit on the shoulder of the host with their tale wrapped around the neck and command their deeds from there.

Black or Golden Dragons

Usually black with blazing yellow eyes.  As the picture shows, these reptiles surround their host, latching onto to the amygdala (the reptilian part of the brain) and reduce the vibration of the cortex, slowly choking the joy and starving the brain of vibrancy. The host becomes increasingly depressed and eventually thoughts and acts of suicide ensue.

Black Dragons can take much recovering from after eviction through HK.  Incredibly low vibration.  The energy of Black Dragons synchronises with people suffering chronic and manic depression.

Red Eyed Shadow Beings

Little is known about their origin, but these entities are extremely powerful and influential on their host. Often jumping in through murderous intent or murderous acts, frequently originating down the genetic line or past life events. People having sought murderous revenge find a friend in these entities.  Shadow Figures thrive in the dark back ally streets of established western cities, where they can jump drunken folk intent on violence or revenge.  

After eviction using HK, clients may find a marked adjustment period while they find a new independence without such aggressive tendencies.

(Werewolves) Dog People.

In physical form, these hail from the planets surrounding the giant star of Sirius A, the “dog star” system in the Orion constellation.  Engineered with human, canine and reptilian DNA.  Always visualised with wild, yellow reptilian eyes.  Bred for war as foot soldiers on their home planets. In energetic, spirit form, prevalent across our planet in the military. These entities look for a highly motivated aggressive host, high aggression and destruction is the matching frequency. Also will transfer easily across through extreme fear.

They may love to see people torn to bits by machine gun fire as it replaced the teeth they wish they had.

The full moon drives the entities crazy as it blocks plasma radiation transfer to Earth from space. This may be where we get the term “Lunatic” from.  Once a month on the full moon, these entities becoming highly active and manipulate trouble for their hosts in many different ways.


Disembodied spirits often referred to as "shadow figures" that can operate outside of bodies.  They can be entrapped in an area or house after their host body has passed away.  Incredibly interactive with humans, causing us to feel incredibly uneasy & anxious without knowing they are even present.  

Thetans are often responsible for typical hauntings in old houses and abandoned places and are the obvious perpetrators of poltergeist activity.   

Repto-Insectoid Alien Beings

Our modern pop culture is derived from the imagination of our entertainment writers.  Where do these movie monsters come from?  Often from the reality of the invisible universe.  Everything that has ever been or will be resides there.  Including these voracious life forms.

In physical form, on their home planet, they were engineered with human, reptilian and insect DNA. Their behaviour is territorial, impulsive, no empathy and highly aggressive.  Predatory behaviour in people can invoke these life forms.

I once came across one during a session for myself years ago. It was actually stuck, trapped in a “non-free will” sector of space time. It had been evicted there millions of years ago as it had been entrapping others. It was set free to evolve on & form a new life for itself. All life forms are treated by their mertis in HK sessions.

Goblins & Trolls

The energetic nature of these critters are prevalent throughout the world's drinking establishments.  They will opportunistically jump people who are intoxicated and may hang around for weeks after, depending upon the character and the behaviors.

Manipulation of thoughts and feelings surrounding ill humour and sexual deviance may ensue.  Others may notice changes in character and temperament, as is the case with many other entities affecting the running of the body.


Human/Insect DNA in physical form, of which there are thousands of species. In energetic form have relatively weaker response & usually affecting weaker, more vulnerable hosts. They indulge in behaviours such as lack of empathy, opportunistic , emotional vampirism and hatred.

There are so many different types of insectoids affecting many different behaviours.  

Examples of inter-dimensional intereference in humans

Still of ex-U.S. President George Bush Snr with obvious reptilian looking eyes, taken from a news interview some years ago.

This famous picture shows Ex President of the USA, George Bush with glazed over reptilian looking eyes.  

The Bush (or Bauer family) are Zionist, Nazi, Jews & a member of the council of 13 "royal blue blood" families of the Reptilian High command on Earth.

Some say he is an actual reptilian shape shifter.  Hybrid reptilian/human DNA, whereby these people can change from human into reptilian form.  They are said to need to ingest a certain amount of human blood and hormones to maintain the balance needed to remain in human form.

What we do know is, the higher echelons of society have worshiped and invoked the serpent and reptilian energy in various rituals performed throughout the millennia & continue to do in present day.

Angelina Jolie

A very obvious morphing happening.

Angelina has had her her breasts and uterus removed, apparently due to cancer.  

Alpha Draconians are androgynous and believe this to be the ultimate form of being in the universe.  They hold humans in contempt for their duel-gender and believe us to be weak..

Their is an obvious global "gender agenda" happening currently.  Angelina's children are being treated with hormone suppressing drugs to prevent them from reaching puberty, so they can remain gender neutral.  One could surmise this to be a reptilian ideal.  

Katy Perry with obvious reptilian eyes.

One only needs to view her ""ET" video on youtube to get an idea of how the entities wish to influence the minds of the young.  

Katy Perry may well have grown up through Disney's"Project Monarch" mind control system.  Russell Brand was married to her and suspected to be her "handler".  There is so much more to discuss on the subject of Mk Ultra and Disney, which I will add to the site in future.  If you want to research this, look up the pseudo occult media website.  Also the work of Stewart Serdlow and interviews with Max Spears on Youtube.

How Do We Evict these Life Forms?

Holographic Kinetics is a system of healing that can access and communicate directly with a person's one, true spirit, the essence of our life force. By doing so, we can determine where in the past dimension of time, stress or trauma was created and then clear that stress or trauma. We then break all/any agreements which may be tying the life form to the person. We then communicate through spirit with the entity affecting the running of the body and give the entity it's universal rights under LORE (universal) and command it to leave.

Most entities will happily leave at this point as the affected person will have already broken all agreements on all levels (conscious or otherwise). If not, that entity is given no choice but to go, as it is now impeding the free will of another, it must then, by virtue of it's own volition, have it's free will impeded upon.

We warn the entity it will be sent to a place in space-time where there is no free will. If it still won't leave, we send it to this place for a cycle of time (usually 10 seconds in our dimension). This can be a life time in some dimensions. After that 99% of entities agree to leave.

The affected person, having had the entities cleared, can expect dramatically positive changes in their life. Some people may find they have multiple entities attached to them. It is a case of peeling the layers over time and healing the person on all levels and all dimensions.