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Connecting with our Life Force, gives us the keys to Healing Spirit...

“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end” says the lord.
“Who is and who was and who is to come, the almighty”.

HK founder, Steve Richards explains his knowledge of Spirit and Meta-physics.

"When we close our eyes we drop into the alpha state  (see graph).  This is the state of Spirit, the gateway to the subconscious mind. "Who is" represents the present, "who was" represents the past and "who is to come" represents the future, these are the three cycles of time, that have been known for thousands of years.

All plant life and all created realities, start their creation spiraling out from a central point into what is known as Fibonacci mathematics, its sequence is that its past plus its present sets up its future, in understanding this when the spirit in the present goes back to the past and integration takes place the client will be in that dimension of time reliving that moment of that created reality, once that takes place time will loop itself and that changes the past plus the present instantly changes the future of that dimension from that moment on. This is also linked to Einstein's theory of relativity

The Aboriginal culture believes in the birth, death, birth, death cycles of time, and that many Spirits have reincarnated back into present day, to assist, and through The Dreamtime they will remember Lore {their spiritual teachings}, so they can heal and free all spirits of their past traumas.

Through the reciprocal exchange of energy, many of the spirits of the people both white and black--from the past--that were responsible for the present day trauma, that has been passed down the genetic hereditary line--creating the loss of identity, culture and purpose in present day, have reincarnated back into those bodies to experience their own creation--how else will man learn about his creation, if he doesn't experience it.... I have had full blood Aboriginals on the table that accessed their past life trauma--one was a Spanish soldier, another a Scotsman, another one of the Light Horseman. Just as I have had many white people relive there past trauma as an Aboriginal of the past.

No man can escape the cycles of time, I have been given the keys, these I will share with you, as I go along, open your mind and your hearts, so your spirit can remember and awake from its amnesia to the true reality of creation.

The original Australian Aboriginals when food was needed, would go to sleep at night and through integration of their spirit, would put out through the Dreamtime. Then through that Dreamtime they would set that dream into the manifestation of reality in its own created dimension of time. Then their spirit would communicate to the spirit of the animal and that animal spirit would offer its body so it could move to a higher level of creation--the soul remains in the external world of "fight or flight."

The young indigenous Australian when given alcohol or drugs creates a distorted dreamtime--through that distorted dreamtime comes the manifestation of a distorted reality, It takes very little for their etheric protective barrier to be lowered, once that defense is down, they become vulnerable to spirits, entities, life forms and other forces that may enter their created realities

Man captures through the act of his thoughts, free flowing energy. This spirals internally with no escape, becoming potential energy. As the universe is based on balance, this potential energy [in seeking out its equal opposite], swings across to become explosive energy, in the form of violence and anger etc---On many occasions, after assisting to clear prisoners, of their anger and violence, I have been rewarded by seeing how humble they were, once they were cleared of their trauma--these were originally created as young children growing up with alcoholic or drug addict parent--they knew nothing else but a life of suppressed violence and anger, that had been internally suppressed throughout their life

As man holds onto any issue, he traps that energy, it then moves from potential energy into its first form of matter and aligning itself up into what is known as platonic geometry. Starting with the formation of a cube and moves into a Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Icosahedron or a Dodecahedron and forms into crystallized cells.

Man by his very act of thinking, through his dreamtime and through his created negative thoughts, manifests an internal universe into a created reality.

As the universe is based on balance, there will always be an equal opposite. In this case Western man internalizes his thoughts, his feelings and his dreams, where the original Australian Aboriginal would externalize his thoughts, his feelings and his dreams, through his dance and through his songs. Then within this closeness to nature he understood that this Earth-the Rocks--the Plants--and the Water, are all alive and have their own life force--known as a spirit--and as we are all part of the Earth and as it has taken care of us, we in turn must take care of the Earth, as the Earth is our mother and the Sun is our father.

We need people trained in all communities so they have the tools of knowledge to turn around the stolen generation trauma, the anger and Violence and to assist to turn around the repeat offenders within the prison system and the trauma of people stuck in dimensions of time, otherwise nothing will ever change.

 Energy is only captured through stress, this becomes trapped in the stress point of the body at that moment, in its own separate dimension, known as time".